I don’t even know why i posted this….

So far I’ve been in “love” with 3 people. I feel like that’s a lot considering I’m only 17. Am I even sure its love I’m feeling? Well I mean it has to be love why else would I be feeling this way? Well I’ve been in love with Nichole since the first time we hung out, (2 years ago) she so amazing. But she’s always had a boyfriend until now, and I want to be with her so bad. (but she’s not ready…) but in that 2 years Nichole was with Robert so I’ve tried dating other girls, and I have to say, only two other girls have taken and broken my heart. First there was ‘Drea, she was great. We had so much fun together and she made me forget about Nichole. But, she broke up with me and just destroyed my heart (I’ve never cried so hard in my life) but I moved on, sort of… I mean after she dumped me all my feelings for Nichole came rushing back, (if that’s considered moving on. I’m not sure) there’s just something about her that I just can’t get enough of. and after me and Nichole flirted and what not for a while she told me that we needed to stop. So I tried dating other people, (but for the life of me I could not stop thinking about Nichole) and all those relationships ended up failing because my heart was with Nichole. But then I dated Bailey. And for a while there I was in love with her, but about half way through our relationship I realized that I was not happy. (I’m surprised me and her lasted almost 10 months) and the reason why I wasn’t happy was because she was a controlling bitch. (and I was still kind of in love with Nichole..) and ever since me and Bailey broke up its been like non stop Nichole. What is it about her? Why is she the only thing I want? All I know is I don’t care I just want to be with her, I just want to say she’s mine. But I in fact am madly in love with Nichole. (I’ve told her once but I hope she forgot because it was in a hella dumb way… At least I think it was..) but now i just don’t know what to do… I’ve waited so long for my chance and i still feel like it’ll never come…

But i have to keep faith, I’m sure it will happen. i still think one day i will be with Nichole and be truly happy…


*tries to watch 45 minutes episode in 20 minutes*

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Why You Shouldn’t Take Selfies Right Next to a Moving Train

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